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Blog 4: Humor Blogs

October 12, 2010

The internet is amazing. People can communicate instantly, find out news in a heartbeat and post photos and videos of sights and wonders they might have never seen otherwise. Yes, the internet is an incredible tool–as well as a showcase for some incredible tools.

Humor blogs and sites are huge. If you’re on Youtube, you could probably spend several weeks perusing funny videos and internet memes nonstop, but now there are hundreds of specialty humor blogs where internet users can go get their dose of daily laughter. Here are three that I personally frequent.

 First up is Fail Blog. Not all of it is suitable for polite company (so, you know, minimize the screen when grandma comes visiting) but nor is it as raunchy or shocking as many other sites (one has the option of showing only fails that are deemed PG, such as the one to the left). The site is a collection of pictures that people submit of things that ‘fail’, be it a blatant sexual innuendos, bad spelling, people getting into ridiculous accidents or ironic product juxtaposition.

Fail Blog is a little different from other blogs since the submissions are voted on by the readers before making it to the front page. It’s very little actual reading (unless the fail involves a block of text) and is  lightweight, simple humor that just about everyone will understand. The blog’s democratic nature and picture-post style makes it more of a gallery than a diary, and, as with mostly everything on the internet, commenters are welcome to share their two cents. It’s typical ‘guy-humor’, in the same vein as Jackass, in which people getting hurt is funny and the more creative it is, the better. There’s not much to debate in terms of credibility, since the site manager rarely posts his her or personal opinion. It’s more of a simple, “Look! This is funny because it fails!”

The other blogs I follow have much more vocal creators, such as Jen Yates. She and her husband John run a blog called Cake Wrecks. Ever see a cake at the grocery store that looked like it was decorated in the dark, or ask for someone’s name only to find it miserably misspelled? Jen and John are determined to find the ugliest, goofiest, sloppiest and laziest cakes out there. Unlike Fail Blog, which is seen and not heard, Jen provides playful narration and often makes up silly stories to accompany the cake photos. And if you want to see well-done designer cakes, the site has you covered as well with their ‘Sunday Sweets’, in which they display beautiful cakes every Sunday.

Cake Wrecks is done in more of a diary-style, providing the reader with information about the blogger’s personality and sense of humor. Though the focus is not on the blogger’s life, it’s much more personal. As with all the other blogs in this review, comments are displayed, giving the reader a feeling of connectivity.It would strike me that more women than men would read Cake Wrecks if only because it’s about cake, but this isn’t the Lifetime Network. I can see a lot of guys finding the gooey atrocities featured on the site pretty damn funny.

If you’re looking for something a little less sweet,though, try Regretsy. The virtual crafting market Etsy is a place where crafters with vast talent go to sell their wares. Unfortunately, it’s inhabited by many crafters who demand big bucks for crafts so offensive, odd, ugly and poorly made, there just had to be a blog poking fun at them. April Winchell, who operates the blog under the alias ‘Helen Killer’, sniffs out the very worst and provides the kind of sarcastic commentary that makes your drink shoot out your nose. But before you think this all cyberbullying, being featured on the site has actually raised sales for the crafters in question, and numerous charities are supported by the site.

 This, like Cake Wrecks, is more like a diary because it includes commentary from a specific person, though the blog is not about the the person’s day-to-day life (with blogs as well-maintained as these, though, it kind of is their day-to-day life, or at least part of it). Neutrality and objectivity are words not in Killer’s vocabulary. Anything and everything is free for the criticizing, though she acknowledges and applauds a good sport crafter. This blog’s audience is any adult who appreciates the no-frills wisecracks of a slightly pirate-mouthed comedienne, and I’ve got to say, I’m definitely one of those people.

Of the three blogs, I’d have to say Regretsy is my favorite. It combines the edginess and abject stupidity of Fail Blog with a recognizable personality and smart, snappy humor. It allows people to mock one another and then help their fellow man in ways that really count (saying a hat is ugly on a web site isn’t really the same level of impact as donating to Toys for Tots), and it really does provide a good laugh.

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