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Advertising with Coca-Cola

November 29, 2010

The thing about Coca-Cola is that it’s not too specialized. Unless you’re under the age of five or diabetic, you drink soda. It’s not a product just for women, or for little boys, or for older people, or for men, or for teenagers. Everybody likes Coke.

This makes advertising Coca-Cola and Coke products an interesting job. The advertisers have to focus on everybody, from kids to the elderly. And they do a good job of it.

As with almost everything these days, Coke has a Facebook page. With over 19 million fans, people are paying attention. The page gives the history of the soft drink and all kinds of photos submitted by fans, old and young, male and female. This creates a family atmosphere, a sort of solidarity between all Coke-drinkers. Following the link on the Facebook page to Coke’s website, one can visit the store, where all kinds of mugs and clothing items are for sale. There’s even a Coca-Cola Monopoly game!

Christmastime is a big time for Coke, since they use polar bears and Santa Claus on their cans from mid-November until the end of winter. Now that the holiday is approaching and the bears are back in business, the website gives a link to the polar bear support fund, which appeals to the environmentalists among us. Who wants to see those cuddly creatures disappear?

Getting off the internet and turning on the TV, Coke still holds sway. There are dozens of ads for Coke at any time, though the World Cup was a huge place to advertise this year. The slogan, ‘Open Happiness’, perfectly represents how simple and generic their strategy can be. Everybody wants to be happy. Like Coke-drinkers, happiness is universally appealing.

Even when I turn to my iPod, where I think the advertisers can’t get me, Coke’s there. I bought a song called ‘Open Happiness’, performed by a bunch of my favorite artists. Yep–it’s for Coca-Cola. Watch the video and see how many strategically placed Cokes you can find.

Coke’s also everywhere at the movies. Before the film starts, a trip to the snack bar is in order. If you’re at a Regal or AMC theater, you’re going to be drinking Coke products. You’ll also be seeing a helpful ad right before the movie begins informing you of all the great Coke products you might have missed out on.

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