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Fixing Lindsay’s Image

November 29, 2010

 Lindsay Lohan. She was once an adorable child star, but her name is now synonymous with hard partying and drunk driving. She’s at the Betty Ford Center seeking treatment and has been called too high of a risk for a movie role she was supposed to be in. Her own mother has gone public with her drug issues,and L.Lo looks like a mess that can’t be cleaned up. But with the right P.R. campaign, Lindsay’s career could be put back on track.

First thing first: Lindsay should complete treatment, making public statements relating to her progress and encouraging others recovering from drugs and alcohol to get help. She should hold a press conference explaining how treatment has helped her and what she’s done to get and stay sober. By using her struggle as a learning experience, she can portray herself as a winner rather than a victim.

For her potential community service, Lindsay could do things that are helpful to the public but don’t seem fake. By rolling up her sleeves and involving herself in some honestly hard work, such as Habitat for Humanity, Lindsay could win the public over. The paparazzi would be all over the starlet, and positive pictures would begin showing up in the magazines.

Lindsay could then consider taking on some movie roles. This is risky territory (I Know Who Killed Me was reportedly beyond terrible) and her reputation for being a drugged-out brat will make getting scripts and wooing back fans hard. And since she’s been a target for tabloids for such a long time, and has given them so much to talk about, she’s not going to break away from the negative press so quickly. Lindsay is going to have to grin and bear it, and give frequent, polite statements dispelling any rumors. More importantly, she’s going to have to prove it.

Finally, Lindsay needs to examine the movies that her fans actually like and try and publicize those. Any actor or actress is going to want to pursue new adventures, but now isn’t the time for her. She needs to get back to making funny movies that teenage girls will want to watch. By responding to what her fans like, her fans will see that she cares about who and what made her famous in the first place.

Once she’s a little more stable, financially and mentally, Lindsay might hold a contest in which fans could win a prize seeing her behind the scenes, signed copies of their favorite movies, or a shopping trip. If she can get to a point of trustworthiness with the public (who wants their daughter going to see a crackhead?), she can make such a contest really work to her advantage and pull her career back together.

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